Managing Your Emotions Means More Than Sticking Your Head Underneath A Pillow Until Challenges Go Away

Check out our eBooks at the eBook Store here! Emotions. Belief. Confidence. Self-worth. All of these are intertwined through our entire lives. They determine how happy we are, how we overcome challenges and how we see ourselves every day.


Resiliency E-Book: Dealing With Your Stress Should Not Be As Hard As Climbing Mt. Everest

Check out our eBooks at the eBook Store here! Stress especially the unneeded type can hurt our confidence, performance and happiness in anything we do. Check out Steve’s new e-book on managing stress and ways to overcome it.


Resiliency E-Book: How You Can Find Work and Life Happiness Consistently…

Check out our eBooks at the eBook Store here! Trying to increase your work performance and stay happy and fulfilled at the same time. Trying to stay cool as your drama daughter or king leaves the headlights on and the car battery goes dead. Trying to stop from going nuts when your boss says she needs […]


Resiliency E- Book: Why is Your Brand so Important?

In Steve’s newest e-book, steve shows ways to identify, manage and cultivate your personal brand, so others don’t define it for you. What does something personal have to do with your career or branding in your life? Especially today…quite a bit. Are you reliable, are you trustworthy, do you step up to the plate when […]


Resiliency E-Book: Overcoming Challenges and Obstacles

Overworked and overstressed? Want to feel more empowered in your life and career? Yearning to maintain your confidence instead of just settling? Steve’s resiliency e-book series helps find what’s uniquely next for you. Please click here to download his new book, A Healthy Blend of Managing Your Life/Career Despite 66 Things That Get In The […]